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The Orbit Stroller Travel Collection

Orbit Stroller Travel CollectionOrbit Strollers

Orbit Baby, the manufacturer of Orbit strollers conceptualized a travel collection to guarantee the highest possible degree of convenience and safety for the parents and infants as they spend time together.

The collection includes a car seat base, an infant car seat, an Orbit stroller frame and an orbit stroller seat.  Said items prove convenience and safety even before the trip begins and is why an Orbit stroller is one of the best strollers you can purchase today.

The car seat base with a dimension of 20.5 inches by 14 inches is made of a strong  metal chassis and aerospace grade aluminum backbone.  It only requires one minute installation with a turning of a knob which tightly pulls the seat belt.   This is what the patented StrongArmTM  mechanism does.  It is also made of foam molded panels to protect the interior of the car.

Like the Orbit stroller seat, the infant car seat weighing ten pounds, with a deep cradle design is made of a fabric and expanded polypropylene foam for side impact protection. For infant skin care, it also has safe flame retardants without the potentially harmful chemicals used in other car seats.  With the safety ring which turns in 360 degrees, placing the infant car seat inside is made easier even at any possible angle.  And awaiting patent registration, the infant car seat has a soft carrier handle made to give comfort.

The Orbit stroller frame with a weight of sixteen pounds is easy to set up and can be folded with a single hand twist and lift motion. It can stand up on it’s own or it can be towed when the Orbit stroller seat is attached.  Similar to the infant car seat base, the stroller frame has a ring that allows the Orbit stroller seat to rotate in 360 degrees.  And underneath is a space provided for the removable cargo pod diaper bag with a shoulder strap for easy carry purpose.  Orbit Stroller Travel Collection

The Orbit stroller seat with a weight of ten pounds is characterized by a patented 3DRotationTM ergonomically rotate and recline fluid motion.  The quad shock suspension gives the baby a relaxing ride in his orbit stroller as he rests his tiny feet on the footrest and roofed with the UV sunshade Paparazzi Shield extension.

Another reason why the baby feels comfortable in his Orbit stroller seat is because of the built in air conditioning system that keeps the baby cool during summer and warm during winter.  There is also a built in snack tray  and cup holder with lid.  Detachable as it is, the tray is made of food safe and dishwasher safe materials for easy cleaning.

Now a mother taking a trip to the grocery with her darling baby need not rush when using an Orbit Stroller Travel Collection.


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Orbit Stroller Review

Orbit StrollerOrbit Stroller Review

Orbit strollers are well known as one of the best stroller brands on the market today.

The orbit stroller system is a versatile stroller design that caters to stroller needs from newborn through toddler.

Docking system, multiple seating options, lock system for front tires for handling on unpaved roads, one-handed and full recline for napping and the use of high-end materials are just some stand out feature of the orbit stroller.

The docking system of orbit stroller allows you to use the stroller seat as a car seat and at same time a stroller seat. The “SmartHub” allows the infant seat to be positioned on the base and rotated into the correct rear-facing position during travel. This unique system allows the infant car seat to be positioned in four directions where the side positions allow it to be used in restaurants as high chairs.

Aside from its unique system, the orbit stroller has a unique design as well. It is crafted from durable and light materials which are air-craft-grade aluminum frame construction. The adjustable height on the handlebars is much appreciated by taller users as well as its lack of rear axle.

Easy tracking over uneven pavement allows and ensures smooth ride for the baby or toddler, thanks to the air-filled tires and front wheel suspension of orbit stroller. These tires are not pump foam tires that won’t go flat. An added cargo pod is easily attached under the seat where baby items can be securely kept and transported.

Below are the summed up desirable features and the cons of orbit stroller: This will help you decide if the Orbit stroller is the best stroller for you and your child.

Strengths of the Orbit Stroller

  • Easy Assembly.
  • Exceeds the ASTM safety standards.
  • Compact folding which can be easily stored, on or off the stroller
  • Newly improved rubber grip handle.
  • The orbit stroller provides protection from harmful UVA and UVB radiation
  • Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which ensures safe use of materials.
  • Quick machine-washing and easy pad removal.
  • Handled easily in one hand and full recline for napping.
  • Automatic press buttons on handle bars that can easily adjust the height.
  • 360-degree rotate, which can be positioned in four directions.

Downsides of the Orbit Stroller

  • No rain cover and mosquito net is included.
  • The cargo pod, though easy attachment and removal provides limited space for baby items.
  • The fabrics are non-customizable which is similar to other strollers.Orbit Stroller
  • Heavy.
  • Bottom harness of 9” high is too tall for small infants and newly born infants.
  • Expensive compared to other types of strollers.

Having an Orbit stroller, such as the Orbit Stroller G2 ensures convenience, safety and functionality. Its breakthrough Orbit system has truly made a mark in baby and toddler strollers. It’s nothing else in the market and has been become a popular high-end type of stroller that even celebrities have been using. Though expensive, the price compromises the many desirable features that the Orbit stroller provides.


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