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The Best Strollers: Why Is Buying the Best Stroller Important

Best StrollerWhy You Need The Best Stroller

Is buying the best stroller for your child really important and why?

Every child needs the best stroller they can get and mothers and fathers all over the world want to buy nothing but the best things for their babies.

A great improvement has been seen with travel equipment meant for infants and little children and this is pleasing to a lot of people.

Parents today have endless choices when it comes to the best strollers.

There are various manufacturers which make things for babies, however, before making a final decision, it is important to consider all your choices. This is extremely important because not all stroller brands are equal when it comes to safety and quality, in fact some stroller brands, or specific strollers, have been found to be dangerous for your child.

Time and again, quality controllers have to return products which are made of inferior materials to their manufacturers. Simply put they are not deemed safe for babies. Quality controllers have found that recalled baby products, specifically strollers, contained substances which are considered dangerous to a baby’s fragile and still developing nervous system. The fact that fully developed adults even get affected by the chemicals on recalled baby items just underscores how affected little babies are.

Like choosing your mobile phone, your best stroller options should be based upon your method of use and purpose. In order for you to choose the best stroller, you will have to know what type of places you will be taking your baby to and how you will be using your new stroller. The best options you have are the lightweight strollers, multifunction stroller and the all terrain stroller.

Lightweight Strollers

There are various types of strollers available today and lightweight strollers are often everyone’s first choice. The main point in getting your baby a stroller is to make sure that he or she stays as comfortable and happy while traveling, no matter where you have to go and a lightweight stroller accomplishes just that.

The best strollers today are not as heavy as before and this makes it more convenient for parents to push them around. Since this type has four wheels, the wide wheel base offers stability when traveling. The baby’s safety is something which most parents are concerned about but they do not have to worry too much because the lightweight strollers today are equipped with foot rests which can easily be adjusted.

Multifunction Strollers

Gone are strollers with singular purpose, new strollers can be carriers for babies, as well as strollers. Parents will be very pleased to know that they can clip multifunctional strollers to the car seat for a safe travel. There is stiff competition when it comes to providing the best strollers with a variety of functions and names which lead the pack are Bugaboo Chameleon and Orbit. If you want a stroller which can give your baby maximum comfort, your best bet is a multifunction stroller.

All Terrain Strollers

Most people do not know that there are other types of strollers aside from the standard stroller with four wheels. The large wheels are designed to accommodate any kind of road or terrain. some of the best strollers are created especially for hiking and jogging and allow you to travel over all types of terrain. In choosing an all terrain stroller make sure that you choose a product whose front wheel swivels. Accidents have and could happen with all terrain strollers which are not well-equipped.

Parents will not have to worry about their car space when they travel with an all terrain stroller because it can easily be folded. If you are a parent who does not like to be away from your baby for a long time you should get yourself an all terrain stroller so you can take your baby with you anywhere you go.

Since they are fold-able, then they would have to be assembled prior to use. Assembling the stroller can take quite some time so be patient. The best strollers which have been assembled correctly gives it stability and strength meaning your child is going to be safe in the stroller.

Make sure that you have a good budget for an all terrain stroller. They may be expensive but parents everywhere are willing to spend money to get nothing but the best for their babies and the best stroller is one item that every parent needs.

Double Strollers

If you have two small children then having a stroller that can only accommodate one child is really not much use for you. Luckily you can find a good selection of double strollers to choose from. You can get side by side double strollers where the children will set next to each other or double strollers where one seat if in front of the other. Which would be the best double stroller for you and your children depends largely on your preference. Best Stroller

Additionally there are sit and stand strollers which in essence is a double stroller, however sit and stand strollers allow for one child to be seated while the other child is standing. This would not be a good choice if you have two small infants but instead if you have a toddler and a small infant.

Stroller Brands

There are many types of strollers to choose from but only some qualify to be the best strollers. Some of the best strollers on the market today are the Orbit stroller, I’coo stroller, Chariot stroller, Hauck stroller, Quinny stroller, Bertini stroller, Baby Trend stroller, Bugabo stroller and Schwinn double stroller.

Choose one of these strollers brands and you will be sure that you are getting the best stroller for your child.


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Orbit Stroller Review

Orbit StrollerOrbit Stroller Review

Orbit strollers are well known as one of the best stroller brands on the market today.

The orbit stroller system is a versatile stroller design that caters to stroller needs from newborn through toddler.

Docking system, multiple seating options, lock system for front tires for handling on unpaved roads, one-handed and full recline for napping and the use of high-end materials are just some stand out feature of the orbit stroller.

The docking system of orbit stroller allows you to use the stroller seat as a car seat and at same time a stroller seat. The “SmartHub” allows the infant seat to be positioned on the base and rotated into the correct rear-facing position during travel. This unique system allows the infant car seat to be positioned in four directions where the side positions allow it to be used in restaurants as high chairs.

Aside from its unique system, the orbit stroller has a unique design as well. It is crafted from durable and light materials which are air-craft-grade aluminum frame construction. The adjustable height on the handlebars is much appreciated by taller users as well as its lack of rear axle.

Easy tracking over uneven pavement allows and ensures smooth ride for the baby or toddler, thanks to the air-filled tires and front wheel suspension of orbit stroller. These tires are not pump foam tires that won’t go flat. An added cargo pod is easily attached under the seat where baby items can be securely kept and transported.

Below are the summed up desirable features and the cons of orbit stroller: This will help you decide if the Orbit stroller is the best stroller for you and your child.

Strengths of the Orbit Stroller

  • Easy Assembly.
  • Exceeds the ASTM safety standards.
  • Compact folding which can be easily stored, on or off the stroller
  • Newly improved rubber grip handle.
  • The orbit stroller provides protection from harmful UVA and UVB radiation
  • Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which ensures safe use of materials.
  • Quick machine-washing and easy pad removal.
  • Handled easily in one hand and full recline for napping.
  • Automatic press buttons on handle bars that can easily adjust the height.
  • 360-degree rotate, which can be positioned in four directions.

Downsides of the Orbit Stroller

  • No rain cover and mosquito net is included.
  • The cargo pod, though easy attachment and removal provides limited space for baby items.
  • The fabrics are non-customizable which is similar to other strollers.Orbit Stroller
  • Heavy.
  • Bottom harness of 9” high is too tall for small infants and newly born infants.
  • Expensive compared to other types of strollers.

Having an Orbit stroller, such as the Orbit Stroller G2 ensures convenience, safety and functionality. Its breakthrough Orbit system has truly made a mark in baby and toddler strollers. It’s nothing else in the market and has been become a popular high-end type of stroller that even celebrities have been using. Though expensive, the price compromises the many desirable features that the Orbit stroller provides.


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