Choosing the Best Sit and Stand Strollers

Sit and Stand Strollers

Sit and Stand StrollerBringing a baby along when shopping or just having a walk is made easy with a stroller, but tagging along your two and a half year old son and your new born baby girl will be easier with a sit and stand stroller.

The basic feature of this type of stroller is to have the younger child sit in front of the stroller seat while the older sits at the rear seat or stand on the platform.

A sit and stand stroller should be made light weight but strongly built with steel frame since it is intended to carry two children.

A particular manufacturer designed a sit and stand stroller to have a two-position front seat and an adjustable  rear  bench type seat with a three point harness that  can be used as the older or bigger child rests and sits at the back.

Some stroller also makes use of a five point harness to secure the child as it is seated in the stroller seat.  There is a brand which designed sit and stand stroller with a solid rubber tire.  The front swivel wheels and the rear wheels may be put at rest upon foot activation of wheel breaks.  Most brand or model of a sit and stand stroller have a universal infant car seat adapter.

The sit and stand stroller is also designed to easily fold. Some models can even be folded by using only one hand.  And for storage, a basket may be provided upon purchase.  Upholstery may be washed with mild soap and use of soft material.

The built in child tray with a cup holder made of food safe or dishwasher safe materials can be detachable or optional.  This is also true for the parent organizer and cup holder.  Still, for some sit and stand stroller, the rain cover or sun shield may be optional offers and can be purchased as accessories.Sit and Stand Stroller

Although the shade canopy is intended to protect the child from the wind or sun, another manufacturer designed the canopy in such a way that when it is moved down it provides an extra space for carrying other things.

A sit and stand stroller is also made available where in two stroller seats is positioned one behind the other.  The front seat is usually but not always smaller than the rear seat. Each seat has its own shade canopy. For this design, the rear seat which can be removed may be detached so as to convert the double stroller into a regular sit and stand stroller.

Over the years, manufacturers of various baby products also manufactures sit and stand strollers and is continually trying to improve their products in design and in features.


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