Quinny Stroller Review: Are Quinny Strollers Worth the Cost

The Quinny Stroller: The Buzz

Quinny Stroller-Quinny Buzz StrollerIs a Quinny Stroller the Best Stroller?

If you are a new parent or you know someone who is going to be one soon then there is a need for the best stroller.

The best stroller will allow you to take your baby for a walk with you in the morning or in a stroll in the park in late afternoon. It is indeed a big help to mothers and fathers alike.

They can leave their babies unsupervised in the stroller if they need to do some important things. Parents will not have to carry the baby all the time.

If you are looking for the best stroller brand, you should consider the Quinny stroller.

Quinny is a company from the Netherlands which makes one of the best strollers today. If you buy a Quinny stroller, you will never regret your decision.

The Quinny stroller Buzz is one of the many models of strollers and prams from Quinny that are very popular today. This is not only eye-catching, it is also very practical. Among its many features are the adjustable handle, reversible seat, adjustable footrest, a swivel front wheel and the very popular gas-spring mechanism. These are all features to look for when looking for the best stroller.

The Buzz can be maneuvered into different positions for the baby’s and the parents’ maximum comfort and convenience. You can set it to the upright position, recline position, seat recline in reverse position and you can also put it to the upright position with the seat rear facing. These features will give your baby the most comfort possible, this type of seating will also allow for your baby to see you when pushing him or her around in the stroller.

The Quinny stroller Buzz also comes with a large seat with a flat bottom. The back is also straight so children can sit up straight and they will not have to slouch and ruin their posture at an early age. The Buzz also has a bumper which can be easily removed by just pressing the button. The footrest also adjusts to two positions so that the baby’s legs will not dangle down.

Aside from the fact that Quinny strollers are made with durable, high-quality materials which are meant to last long, the company also take into account the safety of the little babies riding on their prams and strollers. The Buss also has a harness which makes sure that the baby is safe. The safety harness can be easily secured by the parents on their babies.Quinny Stroller-Quinny Buzz Stroller

This Quinny stroller comes with a good hood which will provide your baby with protection from the sun. It ahs see through side panels so that your baby can still see his or her surroundings. There is also a viewing window at the back.

The frame of the hood of this Quinny stroller is made up of two separate pieces. The first piece is on the outer edge of the hood and the other one is located in the middle. The good easily clips on the frame and it can also slide up and down so you can make the necessary adjustments if you have a bigger and taller child.

The Buzz has its very own storage called the “Buzz Box”. This is a zippered bag which hangs below the seat at the back. The Buzz box can accommodate a maximum of 5 kilograms or 11 pounds. The only complaint from customers is that the Buzz box is too small to accommodate all of their baby’s needs.

As you can see, the Buzz has all the things parents are looking for in a stroller.Of course there are several different Quinny strollers available on the market today and they are all considered to be some of the best strollers you can buy today. Do a little research using your favorite search engine and you will find lots of reviews on Quinny strollers by real users. This should help you make a decision on whether or not the Quinny stroller is the right stroller for you.


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